Thursday, April 12, 2007

Shark Tales

I couldn't decide what to write about, so I decided to write about one of my greatest obsessions; sharks. Ever since I was a child I have had this strange pull towards sharks. Growing up I wanted to be a marine biologist just to be able to dive with a Great White. I think sharks are wonderful, beautiful animals; and most people think I'm crazy for thinking so. But hopefully by sharing what I know about them, I can change those feelings.
Sharks are one of the oldest animals in the world, and have stayed unchanged for millions of years. Sharks have even found the cure for cancer. Scientists have tried to give cancer to sharks before, but they have something special that kills the cancer. Now we are trying to learn what that special something is from the sharks. If nothing else you have to give them some respect for just their evolutionary accomplishments. They have been on this planet since before humans were apes, and have seen a lot more than we have.
I know most people think "Jaws" when they think of sharks. Basically a giant set of teeth with a fin and tail that goes around eating anything it sees. This just isn't true, statistically you are more likely to be stung to death by bees then you are to be attacked by a shark. Millions of people go swimming with sharks every day, and they don't even know it. Also a Great White, in reality, only eats about once every 1 to 2 months. and that food is seals and whale carcasses; Great Whites are scavengers.
When you actually think about it, sharks have more to fear from us then we do from them. We pollute their waters, put up nets to drowned them, and more. The worst of it all is how they collect shark fins for shark fin soup. They catch the sharks, drag them on the boat, cut off all their fins, and throw them back into the ocean. Without their fins they can't swim, and if they can't swim they slowly drown or stave. So I ask, who is the real monster?


Molly Josette said...

I didn't know how to comment on your video, so I'm using this post instead. I must commend you on your excellent video choice. I’d say it was very sporting of Fox to let the Simpson’s make fun of them. That show seems to make such trivial jokes, it is interesting what kind of gems you can find in every line. I didn’t realize this until my English class last year when we studied extensively The Simpson’s humor, but the cartoon is actually extremely witty. Many of the jokes made by the show’s writer have some cultural resonance. You also have to be pretty literate to fully appreciate The Simpson’s, because it is full of allusions.

This particular video clip is an exaggeration of Fox News’ bias. The wording the news anchor chooses to describe both candidates is by no means unbiased. The cartoon is poking fun at the particular wording Fox chooses to spin a story. Their bias leans towards the right, so when speaking to the democratic candidate, the anchor calls him “Comrade.” He also describes a point the democrat made was very “adulterous,” something totally not related to what he said. This video clip is making a statement about how major news corporations spin stories towards a certain bias by associating someone they dislike with words or actions the public finds disgraceful. I think the upside down candidate was an illustration of news spin. Fox is also spinning this story by making the republican candidate look appealing, juxtaposed in front of the waving American flag.

Anonymous said...

Well, your insight to sharks is interesting. Personally, when I think of sharks, I do think of the movie Jaws. Usually, large animals that most humans fear are really more afraid of humans. However, I am not going to mess with them and I figure they won't mess with me. It is sad to hear how they use shark fins for soup. I didn't even know there was such a thing as fin soup. Anyway, interesting free write.