Friday, April 6, 2007

Calvin Klein Ad

The photo I chose was from a five page layout for Calvin Klein jeans. This ad is definitely using sex appeal to sell it's product. The photo has a young, skinny, blond woman laying on her back; which is arched to accentuate her features. She is also wearing a mini skirt, and has her legs spread wide open, exposing her underwear. The way that she is looking straight at the camera, like she is looking at every person that looks at the ad is also very seductive. The woman is also playfully putting her hair in her mouth in a very flirtatious way.
This ad is also using pathos to appeal to it's consumers. To think that this is an ad for Calvin Klein jeans; she's not even wearing jeans. She is wearing a jean skirt, but that is not what your eyes are drown to. with out me saying that this was an ad for jeans would anyone even know what product they were trying to sell, besides sex? This ad is playing on sex appeal and how we react to it to sell the product. This part of the ad doesn't even have the logo or name of the product on it. By using sex appeal as a pathos, they are making men want to be with her, and women want to be her. Therefore, maybe if they buy the product they can get a little closer to what they want.
I don't really know f I would consider this ad very appropriate; she does have some clothes on, but the way she is posed with her legs open, and sucking on her hair, she might as well be in a Playboy spread. Is that what we want to aspire to be?


BreannaVogt said...

I definetely agree with you. This ad doesn't look like it is really selling any item of clothing. It most definetely looks like a spread from a Playboy magazine or some kind of pornographic magazine. The advertisement industry is very intelligent in how they get people to buy their products. I mean who wouldn't want to look perfect in a Calvin Klein jean skirt?

Issah Mohammed said...

This ad is definitely sexual in nature and I would not be surprised at any comments that would suggest that is is immoral for such an ad to be available to those who do not need to see it.

Without any doubt from a moral point of view whether religious of sheer conscience this is not right.

Commercials these days have really take a different turn showing things in public which hitherto were not even thought about in the United States. A cursory look at the history of feminism and advertisements will buttress this argument.
The images we see these days are a far cry from what was seen before.

RachelKrier said...

I would agree with you that this ad does not appear to be selling much of anything but sex and the dignity of the girl in the picture. It is quite immoral as Issah said and makes me sad to think that this is where our society has come to in that this is what will sell? I think that clothes will sell no matter what but there has been this competition for companies to see who can make the ads the most seductive with the least amount of clothes on the model, and get away with it. It makes me wonder what they cannot get away with as it seems like anything goes.

...stylecat... said...

you're all just stuck up and jealous! I remember this pic from when it was published and to this day consider it amazing! Sure, CK is using sex to sell its products! The company appeals to young and sexy people. Go figure! If you dont feel addressed, then I feel sorry for you. You are obviously not young and sexy and never looked like the girl in the pic.
If you don't like it: DONT LOOK AT IT!!!