Sunday, February 25, 2007

Opposing Forces

Mass people clogging up the street, some fleeing, some fighting. It's a riot , possibly a protest gone terribly wrong. Some people are holding their hands up as if surrendering. Clouds of smoke rise in the air. Most likely tear gas to break up the crowd. Cobble stone streets, and the police with black helmets leads me to believe this is in Europe.
This image brings to my mind thoughts of Germany, and the wall that divided the country for so long. Could you imagine being separated from your family and loved ones by only a brick wall, and still not being able to see them, or touch them?Anger would be my strongest emotion, and it would be very hard to control it. The photo above represents the result of trying to control people excessively. The more you suppress, the more there will be rebellion.
Unfortunately, as with all riots and uprisings, there are always some innocent people that get in the mix. In the image you can see people on the right side, covering their mouths and crying. They are not involved in the main friction going on, but they are still affected by it; physically and mentally.
When I look at this photo it makes me sad. Why does it seem to always have to come to this? Is it man's inherent nature that causes us to classify and discriminate? Or is it outside influences that cause it? I can't say that we will ever know the answer for sure, but I hope we can work against it, and end up in a better world.

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Fu said...

What an interesting piture you have here. I like your caption a lot regarding peace and struggles. I think you are right about the picture, it is chaotic. And from the stance and the guy with the bandana covering his face I think is a protest or a riot. Pictures that engage the cognitive perspect of the brain is always intriging. The fact that your picture is in black and white kind of put in into a historical contest. Throughout history theres a lot of bloody riots, protest, and wars. Like you I hope one day that we can store pictures that captures the peace.